XDefiant: New faction, maps and shooting range according to the report

In Ubisoft’s upcoming online shooter XDefiant, factions and groups fight from various Ubisoft games. According to insiders, the free-to-play title should focus on an eSport focus.

As Tom Henderson now reports, the developers made some changes to XDefiant.

While the Hacker Deadsec known from Watch Dogs join the game as a new faction, the Wolves from Ghost Recon Breakpoint were renamed Phantoms and the outcasts from The Division 2 had to be completely left at least for the time being. It is currently planned that each of the political groups should have three characters.

The total number of the locations was expanded to a total of 15 by three new arena cards (Arena, Dumbo and Nudleplex) and two new linear cards (Coney Island, Daytona). In addition, a shooting range with optional time trial mode was added.

Tom Clancy's XDefiant - БЕСПЛАТНЫЙ шутер от ЮБИСОФТ | Обзор известной информации

According to Henderson, Xdefiant could start this year on Xbox Series X | s, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Stadia and PC.

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