Where to return the stolen seven supplies at the input points

The latest Fortnite update brought season the 7th week quests in the game, and players need to complete several tasks to earn XP. One of the tasks requires the players to return the stolen seven supplies in IO locations. You will need to go to any of these places and collect three seven supplies stolen to perform this quest.

Recover stolen Seven supplies at IO locations Location - Fortnite

Currently, there are eight locations which players can visit to complete this task. You will need to visit any three of these places to return the stolen Seven supplies. The implementation of this quest will reward players 20,000 experience and combat stars. Follow the image of the card below to see all the places where you can perform this quest.

We recommend that players land in forest warehouse logjah quickly perform this quest. Collect the first seven from the east from the logjam lumberyard sawmill, and then go south to the command cave to pick up the second seven. As for the latter, move south to the point of interest of the fortress and take the margin of seven next to the gas station. Since these three POI are nearby, this should help players easily fulfill the quest. In the same way, there are several quests of resistance and quests on May 4, which can be performed simultaneously in any of these places.

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