GTA Online: How to get the Bodi de Mesa Rosa and Bodi de Malla Green

In addition to having the opportunity to get a vehicle without paying anything in return, this week in GTA Online you can also* You just have to continue reading the following guide in which we are going to tell you what you have to do exactly.

How to get the Rose Mesh Bodi and the Green Malla Bodi

Among the different game modes that will provide special rewards is Free mode . You can participate in commercial battles available for all biker and organizations clubs, because until May 11 they will deliver triple rewards.

This is because you shoulddeliver the merchandise successfully * at any time of this week, because in the case of fulfilling this step you will receive in return the Bodi de Mella Rosa and the Bodi de Malla Green, which appear in The image you have to lead these lines to make you a better idea of how they are.

Gta 5 Online Free Items This Week - Pink and Green Wireframe Bodysuit

In addition, in free mode you can start work and challenges for your club or engage in a band attack, get fully into an impromptu career or compete to cause the greatest destruction in criminal damage, among many other activities, so I do not Ways will be missing to hang out with which it is one of the most important ways.

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