Elden Ring: Patches – loosen and all fall

In our patches quest guide to Elden Ring you can find out:

  • Where you find patches
  • How you successfully concludes patches ’quest series
  • What rewards you get

In Elden Ring you meet NPC patches an old acquaintance from the Souls series . The insidious crook puts you in every opportunity. We show you where you meet patches and when he puts one of his traps.

Patches Full Questline: All Locations, Meetings & Traps | Elden Ring
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Elden Ring: Find NPC Patches and Start Quest

You meet patches for the first time in the cloudy water cavity in Limgrave . You can reach this through the narrow in the south of Lake Aghle. Pay attention to the undead. Go to the campfire on the left and you can see the entrance to the cave. Fight through and enter the boss arena.

Steals the rags from the treasure chest and patches challenge you . If you have decimated about half of your life beam, it follows. Talk to him and choose the dialog option “forgive and forget” to start the quest series for NPC patches.

Optionally, you can attack it again and have it defeated. This gives you the gesture “do penance”. Return to him and apologize in dialogue. If you open his box afterwards, you grip into patches’ first trap and will be teleported into the fog forest.

Meeting in Liurnia and Margits’s chain

Next you will find patches at the campfire of the picturesque island in Liurnia . This meeting is optional, but brings you the chance of a powerful item. Talk to patches and he becomes a dealer. In his range you will find Margit’s chain. You can use the fetish wrapped in golden magic in the boss fight against Margit, the cruel times (guide) to capture the monster on the ground.

Use the “Speaking of…” dialog option and he tells you of Rya, the scout. You will find them a little further east in a pavilion. Patches also give you a tip: In the Raya Lucaria Academy, there should be an abbreviation in Haus Vulkan – this is trap number two . You end up in Haus Vulkan, but on its dark and very fatal side. Instead, let yourself be led into the Legacy Dungeon while Ryas Quest (Guide).

ambush in Gelmir

Ride past the bridge of sin in Gelmir and past the kidnappers. A knitting ladder hangs on the rock wall on the left. Climb up and ride through the soldier’s warehouse to the large tower. Behind it crouches patches between the rocks in the high grass and plans his third trap . In conversation, he points out a few interesting rainbow stones, which of course inspects you immediately.

Magmapütschenleuchter received in Haus Vulkan

Travel to Haus Vulkan and take Lady Tanith’s offer for the bounty hunter orders from Haus Vulkan (Guide). Then you meet patches in the family for a short snack or a trade. Complets one or two of the bounty hunter orders and speak again with patches. He also gives you a letter with a goal.

You should switch off the large horned tragoth for him. Do this and then ask Patches for a reward. He gives you the Magmapütschenleuchter . Complete Rya’s quest in Haus Vulkan and defeat Prince Rykard (Guide), you can visit patches again in the hallway to the main gate. Talk to him and he is again ideal as a dealer. After that he also leaves Haus Vulkan.

patches on the Schattenburg and the dancing kastagnets

Next, go to the Schattenburg and fight yourself through the dungeon. Shortly before the boss arena, you meet a wounded patches. In conversation he gives you the dancing kastagnets and asks you to hand over Lady Tanith. Then he falls asleep and disappears as soon as you stop by there. You can then bring the dancing chestnette to Tanith in Rykards Boss-Arena.

Complete ## Quest and receive crouched gesture

In order to complete Patches ’quest series, you have to go where it all started: into the lumbean cavity of Limgrave. Kill the Wegelagerer and step through the fog to patches ’camp. Go back to his treasure chest and there is a boss fight again. Give him one with and the shady crook immediately results. You get the gesture “patches’ crouch ” and can speak to him again.

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