Pokemon singer shares how little his musical theme paid them

Pokémon is one of the largest anime series that has ever come from Japan, and if you ask people what they remember about the program, it is possible that they only sing their main theme. The country does not matter, the musical theme of the anime became a success among fans, but few can be compared to the theme of the first season of the program. But in a recent interview, her singer admitted that they did very little to play the song.

Original Pokemon Theme Singer Jason Paige In Studio Full Pokemon Theme Song
Recently, Matsumoto talked about her work at the Pokémon Musical theme during an appearance in a variety program abroad. It was there that they asked him what kind of royalties he deposits the popular musical theme every year. However, Matsumoto left everyone stunned when she revealed that she was not allowed a royalty contract and she won just over $ 800 USD to record the song.

For a musical theme known by Japanese millennials everywhere, it is incredible to hear how little And unfortunately, she is not the only singer who faced this problem. In the United States, singer Jason Paige went through a similar problem after recording pokémon the iconic musical theme in English of. After demanding several companies, Paige received around $ 100,000 USD and continues to perform the track at events worldwide.

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As for Matsumoto, the actress does not seem to have bad will for the flat rate. After all, she is still expressing Satoshi at the Pokémon Anime until today. After almost 30 years with the character, Matsumoto has generously paid for playing the world’s favorite coach and her legacy with Pokémon of her will only continue to grow.

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