Green seat, update to encourage structural attacks on Eve online

When you develop a mmo sandbox at the scale of a Eve online , all the difficulty is good to play with the behavior of the players. Faced with the proliferation of capital vessels, CCP Games had significantly increased the cost of production while fulfilling the industry, to go up the stake of getting out of such devices. Faced with the scarcity of capital and supercurassés vessels, the studio now drops the cost of production with the green seat update.

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The goal of the maneuver is to see these vessels go out to attack structures deployed by the players, whose shield will no longer have limitation in terms of damage received. And to strengthen the desire to clean up space, intermediate structures like Athanor or Astrahus will have a less strengthening level, which will destroy them in two attacks. For the occasion, the counters are readjusted according to the level of systems safety where they are installed.

It remains to be checked in use if the players will precisely play the game, a random variable that gives meaning to a MMORPG Sandbox.

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