Launch of the new Nintendo console in 2024, says analyst

There have been rumors that the next Nintendo console is on the horizon. Many of these rumors have suggested that this console will be the direct successor of Nintendo Switch, but if you know Nintendo, you will know that they rarely take the predictable route, which would be Nintendo Switch 2. Whatever the next Nintendo console, apparently I don’t know He will launch soon, or at least that is what an outstanding industry analyst poses.

The analyst in question is Piers Harding-Rolls of Ampere Analysis, who states that he and his company predict that the device will be launched in 2024. Now, I know what he is thinking: Who does a prediction care? Well, this person and his company are paid for his predictions. In other words, this is not just a random spit. This information would be fed to customers. Interestingly, if this is true, it gives Switch a respite to reach PS2 as the best -selling console of all time.

Is Nintendo's Next Console Coming in 2024? - DISCUSSION

“Ampere is currently forecasting a next -generation Nintendo device that will be launched in 2024,” he said. «For the end of that year, it is expected that Switch has sold 146 million units, which means that it still has the potential to become the best -selling console at the end of its useful life, selling more than 158 million units and surpassing Playstation 2″.

You don’t have to say this, don’t take it as a confirmed window because it’s not that. It is a prediction. It is an informed prediction, but that’s all. That said, it sounds exact, but if the current microchips crisis is not resolved by 2024, it is very likely that this date be delayed later.

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