Corona 發 PC boom, forecast for decline from 2Q

After the 19th Panda Panda (Panda Mix), the global PC market, which has grown for more than seven quarters due to remote work, online learning, and games, is likely to turn back in the second quarter of this year.

As the appearance of Bumyu -joo has changed since the appearance of Omikron Mutation, companies are switching to office work or hybrid work instead of remote work, and schools are also shifting to face -to -face classes instead of online learning.

Asus CEO, the world’s fifth largest company (IDC) based on PC shipments, said in an interview with Taiwan Digita Times last week, “The second quarter of this year’s finished PC shipments will drop by 10% QoQ.”

** ■ Asus CEO

Weather forecast 2/7/18

Shenshee Asus CEO, CEO, said in an interview with Taiwan’s Digita Times on the 12th. It will drop to %. ”

CEOs of Shensh said, “Pandaic situations have improved since the Omikron mutation, and geopolitical factors such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have had a big impact.”

In fact, major PC manufacturers such as Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA, major PC manufacturers, such as Apple and Dell Technology, have been suspended to supply new PC -related products to Russia and Belarus since March.

** ■ Prospect for remote work, online learning, and game demand

The demand for remote work, online learning, and games that have led PC demand after Corona 19 panda is expected to decrease significantly.

Since the end of last year, since the end of last year, the Omikron Mutation has changed, and it has been moving towards alleviating various regulations. Major global companies are also pursuing a plan to end the remote work that has been implemented to spread Corona 19 and prevent work.

Unlike the last two years, which had to spend leisure by games during the holiday season, overseas travel is expected to be activated this year. Countries such as the United States and Europe also allow vaccinations to be free to travel without any quarantine by proving vaccination and PCR/rapid antigen inspection (RAT) voice before entering the country.

The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also decided to allow the results of the rapid antigen inspection instead of the PCR test, which takes more than 24 hours from the 23rd to the expensive and the results are expensive.

■ Shipping in the first quarter is already decreasing

Already, global PC shipments have been decreasing from the first quarter of this year. According to market research firm IDC, the number of global PCs in the first quarter was about 85 million units, down 4.3 million units from the first quarter of last year.

IDC said, “The first quarter will be a turning point in the PC market, which has grown double -digit for the past two years, but it cannot be seen as a starting downward tax.” “The growth of the education and general consumer market has slowed down.”

Chromebook shipments, which were popular at low prices in the educational market, have already begun to decline in the fourth quarter of last year. Last year, the company’s shipments amounted to 4.8 million units, down more than 60% from 2020 (13.3 million units).

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