How Esper Fusion works in Dislyte

There are many ways to get and assemble numerous Esper in Dislyte. These are the characters from which you will create your own detachment to challenge various game modes. Although most of them are earned using gold plates, you can also get Espears via Fusion. This can make you ask how Esper Fusion works in Dislyte.


Merging Dislyte Esper

To start Esper Fusion in Dislyte, you must first reach 25 . This will unlock Esper Fusion in War Room. Having gained access to this function, you can unite the Espers to create a factory and Gabrielle. Both of them are powerful supports of support. You will need to assemble certain destroyers to merge with these two. This includes certain espers and espers that have reached a certain Ascension level .

How to increase the exhibition of the Esper

You can increase Esper’s Ascension in Esper Maximum to sixth level. You must go to the Esper you want to go and choose the Growth tab. Here you will see ascension. You must first have the necessary wave corresponding to the elements of Esper to increase this. The rarity of the material will increase with each level of ascension.

how to fuse the factory

Factory is the first Esper that you can merge. Here’s how to get a factory in Dislyte.

  • Ascension Berenis, the fourth phase
  • Inferno Esper ascension of the fourth phase
  • Ascension flow of the fourth phase of Esper
  • Esper Wind of Ascension Fourth Phase
  • 20,000 gold

how to fuse Gabrielle

Gabrielle is the second Esper that you can drain. Here’s how to get Gabriel in Dislyte.

  • Factory of the Fifth Ascension
  • Fifth Ascension Phase Inferno Esper
  • Asper’s fifth phase

  • Esper of the wind of the fifth phase
  • 50,000 gold

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