An analyst predicts a price of $ 400 for the Xbox Series

With the launch of new generation consoles that will be released later this year, it is a good race between Microsoft and Sony to try to convince customers to buy their console. Xbox Series X or PS5? Until now, what we have seen in the technological department seems to be elbowed, with incredible improvements on the two consoles. With such an impasse, what would you need to win customers who still wonder in the middle? Well, what would you say that one of them could be $ 100 to $ 200 cheaper? We are talking now.

On Periscope by Geoff Keighley, he invited Michael Pachter, a veteran analyst of the video game industry. Pachter predicted that Microsoft could sell the Xbox Seris X at only $ 400. Of course, this would be an overwhelming decision of Microsoft, as most of them plan that the new generation consoles will cost between 500 and 600 dollars. Pachter says that selling them so low would have a negative impact on Microsoft’s finances, but it predicts that it is a success that Microsoft would be ready to take to win longtime customers on its console.

Xbox Series X Will Cost 400$ Says Michael Pachter

As a person sitting in the middle of the new debate on the console, having the X series at $ 400 would strongly tip this side. Of course, it is only a prediction of an analyst, so the chances that it is true are doubtful. However, it is interesting to think.

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