Announced a week of free access to FRACTURED Online

Very soon, free access to a multi -user role -playing game in the open world of FRACTURED Online will begin. This was reported by the Gamigo publishing house.

_ “We are pleased to offer MMORPG fans around the world for free access to FRACTURED Online for a whole week without any compromises. During this period, so many things need to be d1. For example, take part in the formation of the world economy controlled by players. Or create objects and equip them in order to fight with many monsters and other players in battles. What players choose in the game depends on them. You can choose an honest life of a shepherd, farmer, artisan or prefer a more cruel way of hunting and robbery ”_,” said Jacopo Galleli, co -founder and general director of Dynamight Development Studio.

Fractured Online [PC] Free Week Launches May 25 - Invite Your Friends!

Free week will be held from May 25, 17:00 Moscow time, until May 31, 17:00 Moscow time.

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