DFB lets fans dig deep into the pocket for the cup final

If you want to be there at the cup final between Freiburg and Leipzig, you have to open the wallet properly. Apart from a few places with visibility for 45 euros, a ticket in category 4 costs, and thus the cheapest, 60 euros. It continues with category 3 (90 euros), category 2 (110 euros) and category 1 (150 euros), as well as the last cup final with spectators (2019 between FC Bayern and RB Leipzig).


This means that an admission ticket costs more than for the final of the Europa League. Category 4 cost 40 euros here, category 3 65 euros, category 2 100 euros and category 1 as with the cup final 150 euros.

Helen Breit is not only disappointed with the prices, but also from a different approach to the association. While at the final of almost all sporty participants could expect a monetary bonus, “the fans should dig deep into their pockets. Especially those who have been shown to have less than everyone else,” writes the fan activist in the Leipzig.

discounts? In the final, the DFB makes an exception

Children’s cards and common discounts (students, students, trainees, pensioners) are generally planned at the DFB, “but is explicitly excluded from this: the DFB Cup final. This means that every person from birth and regardless of the Income situation has to pay the full price – equal treatment interpreted very differently, “continued.

She calls this “a certificate of poverty” for an association that always boasts of the high volunteering and the social importance of football for all people. “The new DFB leadership now has the opportunity to take a change of direction, the unique opportunity to exchange the market economy argument of the exclusivity of a final game and an associated structural exclusion for inclusion and socially acceptable football. of both is really more important. “

The DFB left the Leipzig unanswered to comment.

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