ISLE OF DREAD addition to Mmorpg Dungeons & Dragons Online has been transferred

Mmorpg Dungeons & Dragons Online will have to wait a little more to Isle of Dread. The addition was postponed from the initial release date of June 8 and will now be released on June 22. It also pushes the raid exit, which should appear after the release of the addon.

The plot of Isle of Dread tells about the mysterious island, which, as it appeared, has disappeared. The appearance of the island off the coast of Stormrich is one of the stages in the chain of events that are now associated with the destruction of an artifact, known as the code of endless planes. There are also rumors about the involvement of the cult of the grass in the events.

Level cap increase, new crafting, new dungeons! ~ Dungeons and Dragons Isle of Dread First Look
In Isle of Dread, where the maximum level will be increased to 32, players will fall into the world inhabited by dinosaurs and other creatures, such as Etterkapa and Copru. Go to the island and complete many new tasks and adventures to maintain a new level.

The addition also includes access to the Tabax race, for which you can start playing before the completion, having placed a preliminary order.

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