Lee Jae -yong, who placed the ROK -US Semiconductor Alliance

The pardon theory of Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae -yong, who played a role as a private economic diplomat during the declaration of the Korea -US Semiconductor Alliance, is emerging again. In the face of the world, the international awareness has been raised by the presidents of the two countries as a leading company in the high -tech semiconductor industry, and that it should play more role in the stable construction of the global semiconductor supply chain in the future.

On the 20th, President Joe Biden, who visited Korea for the summit, visited Samsung Electronics Pyeongtaek Semiconductor Factory as soon as he arrived and met with President Yoon Seok -yeol. It is more than an unusual event for the US president to visit the corporate industry on the first time in Korea. Above all, the fact that the two countries have formed a semiconductor alliance in the Pyeongtaek factory such as Samsung’s heart is considered a great harvest. It is clear that President Biden visited Korea before Japan because of economic security between allies through semiconductors.

On this day, the vice -chairman guided the summit and served as a bridge between the US -ROK economic and security alliance. The vice chairman introduced the world’s first three -nanometer (NM, 1 billionth) fair semiconductor manufacturing facility to the world for the first time in the first half of this year to President Biden in English without interpretation.

The vice chairman welcomed the two leaders, saying, “Samsung Electronics is the largest global semiconductor company that started making semiconductors in the United States 25 years ago.” And we respect this relationship and carefully. ”

President Biden also raised Samsung Electronics in his speech, saying, “It is important to integrate technical know -how for the development of both countries.” In addition, “Thank you for introducing Samsung’s semiconductor manufacturing facilities,” he thanked Samsung Electronics, which decided to invest $ 17 billion (20 trillion won) to Taylor.

This is a record investment in direct investment by foreign companies in the United States. In addition, CEO Cristiano Amon Qualcomm, one of Samsung’s major customers, also accompanied the president’s trip to Samsung’s semiconductor diplomacy.

In the political and financial worlds, the voices of the vice chairman are increasing again. It is argued that Lee should return to foreign management and show global leadership.

Hong Joon -pyo, a candidate for Daegu Mayor Hong, said on his Facebook on the 21st. It wasn’t because I couldn’t get out of the defendant’s status. ” He then insisted, “Is it time for the Moon Jae -in regime to be solved now?”

The 20th visited by President Biden was scheduled for the vice president’s trial. Lee is currently a defendant who is being trialed for violating the Capital Market Act on the merger of Samsung C & T-Cheil Industries. Lee, who was released as a parole of the National Agricultural Corps in August last year, is currently restricted by active management activities by being tied to employment restrictions and trial risks. Samsung Electronics has not been able to launch M & A for the past five years after the acquisition of Haman in 2016. This is why Lee’s pardon theory comes out.

The Korea Social Research Institute (KSOI) asked the TBS commissioned to 1012 people over the age of 18 for two days from the 29th of last month. More.

A business official said, “The ROK -US semiconductor alliance is expected to be strengthened not only in Samsung’s semiconductors but also for new businesses.”

Meanwhile, Lee also participated in the ‘Hanmi Business Round Table’ hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the US Department of Commerce on the 21st to discuss technology partnerships. The two countries have decided to cooperate with semiconductors, eco -friendly electric vehicles batteries, artificial intelligence, quantum technology, bio technology, bio -manufacturing, and autonomous robots. The meeting included Samsung, SK, Hyundai Motor, LG, Lotte, Hanwha, OCI, and Naver, and Qualcomm, Applied Materials, Lam Research, GM, GE, Google, Corning, and Bloom Energy.

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