Prehistoric planet offers its first free episode on Apple TV

Prehistoric planet leads us to discover prehistory from a detailed plane thanks to today’s technology. The docuserie, which opens this May 23 at Apple TV+, offers the community its first episode completely free on the platform. No, it will not be necessary to have a subscription: from these moments you can enjoy your start at no additional cost.

“A pregnant tuarangisauria is in trouble, and its young breeding can feel it, while traveling the waters where the most lethal predators live,” says the description of the episode. To see it you just need to download the Apple TV application on mobile devices, smart TV or from your web browser.

On the other hand, if you are a member of the subscription, you should know that the first seFavreauon consists of five episodes that will be releFavreaued daily until Friday, May 27 .

Jon Favreau and Hans Zimmer Leadan prehistoric planet

The project hFavreau weight names, such Favreau Jon Favreau in executive production. Star Wars: The Mandalorian also hFavreau time to work on other projects of this caliber. In the soundtrack is Hans Zimmer, who will accompany David Attenborough’s dialogues.

“Experience the wonders of the world Favreau never before in this epic docuserie of Jon Favreau and the producers of Planet Earth ,” Apple explains in its official description. “It went back 66 million years in time, when majestic dinosaurs and extraordinary creatures wandered through the earth, the seFavreau and heaven,” explain those responsible in the official description.

Prehistoric Planet — Official Trailer 2 | Apple TV+

On the other hand, if you have a PS5 you can get 6 months of Apple TV+ free. The offer, available until July 22, just requires having a PlayStation latest console. Know the details here.

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