V Rising: Sunlock already works on the most requested function by players

V Rising is one of the games of the moment. He is currently among Steam and is a sensation on Twitch. His style of play that combines the skillshot with the farm of resources and the construction in cooperative, has caught the attention of the players. But the game is still in advance access, and everyone expects new very important features.

no connection mode: it will arrive soon

Thanks to a message transmitted on your Discord server, the most direct source to obtain information about the game, Stunlock developers have indicated that a no connection mode is already being prepared and that it should reach within a maximum period of 2 days . A great reaction from the study, which will prioritize the implementation of this function to meet this great expectation of the community.

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A necessary way if the community continues to grow

With the expansion of the number of V Rising players in the next few days, network problems are likely to be increasingly frequent. Therefore, to have an offline mode in which everyone can “take their dose” without worrying about the quality of the network or for the crowded servers of people would be a great advantage for the comfort of the game.

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