Battlefield 2042 developers stop working on Hazard Zone

Following the deletion in Battlefield 2042, a “breakthrough” mode for 128 players, a team of developers from Dice announces that she decided to stop further work on the development of the Hazard Zone mode. This means that in the future you should not wait for him any updates with new content. However, the developers promised to continue to correct critical mistakes and other important problems that appear in it.

The adoption of such a decision was reported by senior producer Ryan McArthur and the creative director of Lars Gustavsson in the last video about the process of developing a shooter.

Hazard Zone DIED so Battlefield 2042 could live..

They say that the team had great hopes and ambitions on Hazard Zone, but the mode “did not find its home in Battlefield 2042”, so instead of it the energy will be aimed at developing other modes that “most like fans.”

In addition, the developers talked about other changes that will affect cards, specialists, their animation and other elements of the game. They also announced that it was worth waiting for fans in the first season. He will present a new specialist, a map, weapons, transport, a military pass and many other things.

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