How to become a beggar in Bitlife

To become a beggar in Bitlife, you must first find it in the Special Careers section and choose it. In the Special Career section, you can find a beggar under a special career of Street Hustler. Choose it and you will become a beggar.


How does the beggarly work in Bitlife?

Begging is an additional work in a special career of a street bully. You earn money at work, begging people on the street. To help you begging for cash, you will need to choose the props and use various strategies to want to make you a donation.

how to begging in Bitlife

To beg in Bitlife, you first need to choose the street. You can choose the street by switching to work with a street hooligan under special careers . By clicking on the task of Street Hustler, you can choose the street. Having chosen the street, you can choose a beggar profession. As soon as you become a beggar, you can begging, growing up and attending events at which people make donations to you. You will also earn a certain amount of money depending on your skills and objects that you will earn during begging.

How to make money as a beggar

As soon as you become a street hooligan and beggar, you can start making money by choosing a street. The best streets for beggars are streets with intensive movement. If you want to find Street with intensive motion , you can usually do this at the top of the street list. You can also say if there is a high traffic outside if the traffic indicator is in green or close to it. Nevertheless, streets with intensive movement will give you more chances to get money due to the number of people who pass through them.

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