My time in Sandrock Tips for Beginners

Play My Time At Sandrock as a beginner can be extremely frightening, since you get into the new world with an ambitious purpose to rise from the ruins. Here are our main tips for interacting with the city, strategies for updating and expanding, as well as techniques for maximum efficiency in My Time At Sandrock.

What to pay attention to the newcomer to Sandrock

modernize workshops and serve equipment

Seminars are one of the most important aspects in the formula for the promotion of a beginner in My Time At Sandrock. Do not neglect Update them as often as possible , as this is the right way to finish with non-completed orders and delayed quests. You will want to apply the same attitude to your devices and machines, because it is as important as your character should sleep every night. You cannot expand the city without proper care (dust, fuel, water) behind your equipment .

Find and expand resources

You can find a lot of available resources for purchasing on salvation of eufalfa on the south side of the city. Follow the garbage you will notice throughout the map, performing other tasks. Garbage collection occurs quickly and quickly increases resources. When collecting resources, make sure that expand the vault of inventory as often as possible, by pressing + a sign on the right side. The presence of a large inventory means less time to choose what to leave and what to leave.

How to be selective and maximize the time in My Time at Sandrock

go to bed at a good hour

If you lie down to sleep before it becomes too late, it will be very beneficial to you as a beginner in My Time At Sandrock. This is because you make up for more endurance depending on the amount of sleep that you get by the previous night. While you are a beginner in the game, endurance is much more complicated, so sleep priority means that you use energy as much as possible for the tasks of the next day.

Select the commissions that are right for you

One of the best ways to move forward as a beginner in My Time at Sandrock is to make decisions deliberately. The main way to do this at the very beginning- Choose only those orders in which you are sure that you can fulfill them since the game punishes you with a decrease in reputation if you do not finish the quest. You can take only one commission per day, so it is important to choose the one that is convenient for you so as not to waste your time and not harm your city reputation.


The best way to talk with NPC in My Time at Sandrock

Speak with everyone you see

Non-game characters are scattered throughout the city in My Time at Sandrock, so you can wonder if they came for a checkmark or for some special reason. Talking with NPC and building relationships with them is a simple way to get gifts and discounts in stores . Do not try your best to talk with NPC when you are a newcomer in the game, since you often have a lot to do. Instead, talk with non-game characters, passing by them throughout the day.

don’t talk to everyone too much

Talking with all the people you see in the city daily, you really do not need to do this several times within one day. This is because you have a limit per day, how much your relationship can improve with NPS. Look for a notification of bonus points for your relationship with the NPC, with whom you are talking to know that you have talked with them enough for the day.

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