Eve Online will soon receive an updated visual, sound and switch to DirectX 12

In the new message on the Blog, CCP Games spoke in detail about the foundation that she builds for her science fiction MMO Eve Online. The updates entering the Eve Online Singularity server are designed to help create what CCP calls sensory experience. In the near future, the visual and sound effects of the new edema will be updated, and all this with the minimal impact on the customer performance.

The team is also preparing to test one of the pillars of this new base-DirectX 12.

_ In addition, in preparation for the inclusion of DirectX 12, we plan mass testing next week. DirectX 12 is the key to modernization of EVE and laying the foundations for the third decade, as well as an important part of the narrative trip that will be in the new Eden _, the blog said.

You can read more details on the game website.

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