Mmorpg Kritika Online returns as a blockchain

The publisher of COM2us, together with the developer of Allm, announced the decision to resurrect the anime-mmorpg Kritika Online and are going to launch a new processed version called Kritika Global, which will be a blockchain game with the Play and structure of Tockenomic structure.

According to the plot, the main character will have to stop the brilliant alchemist and tyrant Alka, who created a new source of energy of the lapisium. Such an important discovery allows him to capture various territories on the continent of Kirenos, and on them he begins to brutally oppress the people opposing him. Therefore, Cyirenos requires a hero that can stop this evil and bring the world to the captured lands.

The release of Kritka Global will take place on June 8 on a PC. At the start, NFT functions will be absent, but the developers promise to add them in the 4th quarter of 2022 along with a bunch of new content, according to the roadmap. Client Games are interested in the official website. By the way, now there is a global beta test (until June 6), and anyone can try the game.

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