How to fix does not connect to GTA 5 Online – common problems and corrections

Sometimes you will face an error that will not allow you to connect to the online game. This is always unpleasant, but we have some tips. Here’s what to do if you cannot connect to GTA 5 Online.

check if your Internet works

If you have problems with connecting to servers in GTA 5 Online, one of the first steps you must take is to check your own Internet connection. You can also try to restart the router just in case. Finally, if these methods do not solve the problem, start the test test for your Internet to find out if the problem can be in the low speed of the Internet.

try to restart the console or PC

Although this does not always solve the problem of the impossibility of connecting to the GTA 5 Online, this method will not hurt to try. Sometimes something on your part just needs a small reboot. Try to restart the console or PC, and then again try to enter the game. This sometimes corrected the problem for players.

see if GTA 5 Online works

The last thing you can do if you can’t find a way to play GTA 5 Online is to check if Rockstar has problems on their part. Try to search Google or check sites such as Twitter to find out if the official GTA 5 Online accounts or other players about widespread problems report. If it turns out that the server fails, you just need to wait until they correct the problem.


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