Holographic Savan Guide Outer Worlds

The holographic raincoat in Outer Worlds is a useful device that helps a person hide his personality, hiding his face and fingerprints. In this guide to the outside worlds, we will discuss where and how to use holographic covers and the location of various identification cartridges.

How to use a holographic veil in the outside worlds

A holographic shroud is one of the most valuable tools that will help you traveling around the outside worlds. First you will find this tool in the Passage to Anywhere mission. This tool is in the captain’s cabin on the second floor of The Unreliable.

The holographic casing works using ID cartridges. Unfortunately, there are no special buttons or controls to use this tool. Instead, it would be better to have an appropriate ID cartridge to force it to work.

As soon as you get the right cartridge, the tool will automatically hide your personality when you enter any zone with limited access.

As soon as your personality is hidden, you can move around the territory, but you will only have a certain period of time during which you can move around the site unnoticed.

The more you move, the faster your disguise is erased. You can monitor how much time you have under the mask, using a purple strip that appears at the bottom of the screen.

If your mask is erased while you are in the forbidden zone, you will have to wait until the guard comes up to you, and then talk with the way out of the situation with the help of dialogue test. This will give your holographic Savan more time for reloading.

location of ID cartridges

For a holographic salan, you will need several identification cartridges. Below we discussed the location of each identification cartridge.

location of the Mardet ID cartridge

This identifier will help you move around Ground Breaker. While you are in this place, you will go through the worst contact quest line. You will find the MARDET ID cartridge on a pile of boxes near the MARDET office during this mission.

location of the Sublight ID cartridge


While you are in a colony of monarchs, go to amber altitude. Now go to the back of the city where you come across a bar. Go to the second floor to the courtyard and then open the door.

This requires that you have a skill of hacking locks 40. In addition, you can complete the task unusual business to get the Brondo key and open the door. Sublight ID Cartridge cartridge will be found in a container on the floor.

You can also find this cartridge in Stellar-Bay on a large transport container next to the garbage bucket in the docks. You can also find this in Fallbruck on Earth near the bar on the second floor of the Malin hospitality house.

The location of the factory identification cartridge Boarst

In the same colony, go to the Galanterery Products and all sorts of things. Talk to Duncan Ellie inside this store, you need dialogue skill above 50 to convince it and get a cartridge from it with the Boarst factory identifier.

location of the cartridge UDL ID

To find this cartridge, go to the Ministry of Byzantium after the launch of the main plot quest City and Stars. There you can get inside using a check of lies of the 70th level or interacting with the terminal present in the lobby.

Using the terminal, you can get information about the conflict of Theodore and Caroline. As soon as this is done, you can ask Caroline to take you to the laboratory.

Inside the laboratory there will be a locked door that you will need to open to get inside the cabinet and get the UDL ID cartridge. However, the guard will also intercept you in the locker.

You will either have to intimidate it, or use lies of the 3rd level to escape from it.

This cartridge can also be found on HRS 1084. It will be attended by a chair in the kitchen in a room on the second floor on Hope.

location of the cartridge with the Labyrinth identifier

This cartridge can be obtained when you perform the last mission of the game after landing in Tartar. You will need to undergo a check of the 70th level for intimidation, lies or belief to get this cartridge from a corporate soldier.

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