How to get all free items in Roblox Duolingo Game Hub

The Duolingo Learning Application has joined the Roblox metavselnaya with its experience Duolingo Game Hub! Along with this experience, several subjects of user content dedicated to the famous talisman of the application, the Owl Duolino. Two of these items, the Duolingo body and the Duolingo Snapback baseball cap, can even be obtained for free, following the leadership below!

Getting Duolingo items

To get two free items in this experience, players will need to earn a sufficient number of coins to unlock them- Only 3000 coins . Coins can be earned by playing in Spanish or Vanish mini-game located on the spa of experience. However, before you plunge into this mini-game, it is important to perform the steps listed below so that you can earn several multipliers of coins and make the collection process much easier and less time.

Earnings of coins

After you appeared in Duolingo Game Hub, head to the arcade building depicted below.

Inside this arcade, there are 25 Mini-IGR fans created by fans, to which players can join and explore, as well as a sign explaining how the multipliers work.

As can be seen from the image above, the multipliers are given depending on how many mini-games you played. If you play four mini-games, you will receive a 2-fold multiplier, if you play 10 mini-games, you will earn a 3-fold factor, and if you play all 25 mini-games, you will receive a 4-fold factor. In order to earn coins as quickly as possible, wevery much we recommend playing all 25 mini-games.

To play in a mini-game, just go to the corresponding picture and hold e when a hint appears.

Fortunately, you do not need to stay in these mini-games for a long time so that this is taken into account in every mini-game. In fact, you can go out immediately after joining, finding and entering the central portal, depicted below. Each mini-game you join will have the version of this portal somewhere inside.

When you come in and get out of the mini-game, you should notice that the coin counter at the top of the screen begins to automatically earn multipliers. After you entered and played all the mini-games in Arkad, this means that each mini-game has green played a sign above its image, your counter must have a 4-time multiplier.

Now you are ready to start making coins! Unfortunately, as you may have already noticed, coins earned in mini-games created by fans are not taken into account in the total number of Duolingo Hub game coins. Instead, coins should be earned in an official Spanish game or Vanish game. To play this game, leave the slot machine room and head to the entrance to the game depicted below.

Once here, click e to join the game and teleport to her spavna.

To go through this mini-game, players will need to explore three unique labyrinths, collect various objects and coins, avoid patrolling owls of Duolino and make a great escape! The objects that you need to collect in the maze of the first level are a bouquet of flowers, a plate with meatballs and a candle. Unfortunately, this labyrinth can be exclusively confusing for maneuvering and does not offer a simple solution, so the best advice that we can give you is to find a map depicted below and try to follow it with all your might!

If after finding this card you still feel lost, read the brief tips below.

Flowers * You can find, following the corridor to the left of Rules Sign
Fictorics You can find, following the corridor to the right of map
Candle You can find, following the corridor to the left of direction sign

Having gathered all these items, go to the end of the labyrinth and go to the big house. Once in front of him, click and hold e go inside.

Inside this house there should be another owl of Duolino and a small bunch of coins.


To switch to the next level of the labyrinth, you need to go through a short Spanish lesson with an owl Duolino. You will find answers to this lesson below.

  1. Felize
  2. Star and SOLAS
  3. Se Olvidaron de Mi

Once in the second part of the labyrinth, you will need to look and interact with three more objects-Duolino’s table, a roll of toilet paper and a copy apparatus. This labyrinth is much easier to explore and maneuver than the first, so the search for these items will not take much time. If you have problems, read our brief tips below.

Duolino’s table * can be found, following the corridor, which is on the left of the Renaissance, and choosing the first on the right after passing the poster with the inscription Six days have passed since you practiced Spanish .
Copying machine You can find, leaving Duolino’s booth, turning right, and then moving straight until you see Copy room a sign on the wall to your left. Turn left in the copy room to interact with a copy apparatus.
* The roll of toilet paper can be found by leaving the copy room and turning left the next corridor with the cabins. Go through these booths, bypassing the cooler with water and the second
six days have passed since you practiced Spanish * poster and turn left in the corridor that leads from the booths. Then turn left, again left and right to get into the bathroom.

Having collected all these items and any coins that you could find, go to the end of this maze and go to the elevator door. Once there, press and hold e enter it.

Inside this elevator there should be another owl Duolingo and a decent number of coins!

To switch to the next level of the labyrinth, you need to go through another short lesson in the Spanish language. You will find answers to this lesson below.

  1. Evitarian
  2. Todo El Timpo
  3. No to me la Perdería

As soon as you correctly answer Duo questions, you can go to the third labyrinth. Five Duo friends are hidden in this labyrinth; To leave the arcade, you need to find all the five of these friends and invite them to a party on the occasion of Duo’s birthday. Since arcade machines inside this labyrinth are so short, it is relatively easy to find everyone-this level will not cause you much trouble!

Having found all five guests, go to the back of the labyrinth, look for parties for parties and hold e to open them.

Congratulations! You have successfully passed the labyrinth, collected all the objects for the Duo’s birthday and earned a bunch of free coins!

To leave the Duo group and return to the Duolingo Hub game, go to the doors behind it and hold e . Returning to the Renaissance, find the store building, depicted below, and enter it.

In this store there are all objects on the topic of Duolingo that you can purchase for Robux or unlock for all the coins that you have just earned! Do not worry if you don’t have enough coins to buy both free items right now, you can return and replay a Spanish or disappeared game at any time to earn more!

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