Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Insider Leaks Lanzamiento de COD RPG

A prominent Obligations Privileged and filter information has potentially leaked the next big thing in COD that will be launched in the first quarter of 2023 through call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. According to this informant and filtering, Infinity Ward, the study that works at the new bacalao-is working on an RPG experience under the name Project Nexus. The report indicates that this has become a great approach to Infinity Ward, with practically all the studies owned by Activision contributing to the project in some way.

The report/escape comes along the road of Valvula Ralphuna of the best and most outstanding sources when it comes to Obligations, who states that the experience has been in development in some way for approximately four or five years. Unfortunately, this experience will not be ready for the launch of the game. Everything that will be ready at the launch, according to the filter, is the campaign for a player, multiplayer mode and a completely new cooperative experience. Then, this will be followed by zona de Guerra 2 in December, and then in 2023, this new modality.

Ralph Valve describes the 2023 mode as an open world experience that continues the history of the game campaign, telling characters, fronts and particular missions, incorporating aspects of PVE and PVP events. Beyond open world and rpg, it is not said much more about the way, apart from the fact that it is inspired byscope of Tarkov_.

When the mode is launched, it is claimed that it will be beta, with the game only in pre-alpha today. That said, this is whether things follow their course. The filter affirms that the development of the mode has been unstable. In addition, the moment of its launch depends in part on the success of modern warness 2 and zona de Guerra 2.

The report concludes by stating that a revelation of the mode could come this August. This is also when an open beta is expected for the multiplayer mode of the game, so a revelation of the next big thing for Obligations makes sense for August, since there will be a palpable enthusiasm by the brand, assuming that the open beta Be competent.


Said all this, take everything here with tweezers. While the source has proven reliable and respectable on several occasions in the past, nothing here is official. In addition, even if everything is completely accurate, it is also subject to changes.

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