Nintendo Change has a brand-new main sales figure and also intends to close the year in vogue

There are currently 111 million switch sold 1.31 million switch have actually been sold, 1.51 countless the OLED design (the most effective now) and 590,000 devices of Switch Lite throughout the three months accounted for. They describe that the autumn is generally as a result of the scarcity of semiconductors endured during this period, because the demand continues to be stable in all regions.

We are on financial reports as well as, after having actually fulfilled the results of EA a few hours ago, it has touched the turn of Nintendo , which has supplied a brand-new number of consoles marketed that continues to show that we are facing a situation of consistent success in the firm.

In the common file we see that greater than 111 million Nintendo Switch have been offered to day , which implies that, with regard to the last quarter, even more than 3.43 million have been placed. Nonetheless, this number is less than sales recorded throughout the previous year, which was 4.45.

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To do this, the freshly launched Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and also the different video games they have on the perspective, such as Splatoon 3 in September, Bayonetta 3 in October and also purple as well as scarlet Pokémon, with both versions with their launch day set for November 18 of this year.

If you are interested in sales of the most recent launches as well as the historic Top 10 button , you can likewise check the 3DJUGOS information.

Sales have registered a reduction relative to the very same quarter of last year in virtually all sections, but Nintendo’s very own games proceed to drive Switch , and also in Nintendo they are still solid in their projection to offer 21 million consoles units of consoles Throughout this.

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