Everything included in the free update MHR Sunbreak version 11

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak receives a huge update with the Title Update 1 Version 11. On August 9, 2022, Capcom developers conducted a special broadcast to draw attention to a huge amount of content that will appear in addition. Let’s plunge into what we know.

What do we know about updating 1 version 11 in MHR Sunbreak

When will the version 11 be released for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak?

Free update will be available to all players for August 10, 2022 .

What new monsters will appear in MHR Sunbreak?


In total, four new monsters will appear in a free update 1 version 11. Hunters will be able to pursue these titans after reaching MR 10. For each of the new monsters, appropriate sets of armor will be available, which will be loaded with new skills..

  • Baselgze boiling
  • Silver Ratalos
  • Golden Ratian
  • Lucer Nargakuga

What new location will appear in MHR Sunbreak?

abandoned arena is a new zone that will appear in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak and accept Lucent Nargacuga. Using his bright white fur, Lusent Nargakug can refract moonlight, which allows him to become invisible. This will certainly make him a formidable opponent!

What are the research of MHR Sunbreak Anomaly?

After passing the main plot of MHR Sunbreak and increasing the level of MR to 10 you can perform new quests called Office of anomalies. These are special quests in which hunters track monsters affected by Kurio. Kurio make these already ferocious monsters even more aggressive.

With the renewal of quests involving the affected monsters will be expanded. Added quests A5 Anomaly Quest. This will be a hunt for Lunagaron and Magma Almudron. These monsters can be unlocked by examining anomalies.

The studies of anomalies have an established level, and monsters for each level will gradually become stronger as the level increases. To encourage hunters to take up a stronger hunt, there will be random awards. Also, a target monster, location and number of players will be randomly selected.

Qurios Crafting in Mhr Sunbreak

Materials obtained as a result of completing the studies of anomalies can be used to add new improvements to your equipment. Such characteristics as the power of attack or proximity can be improved on weapons, while characteristics, such as protection, resistance and skills, can be improved on armor.

What is an anomalies research laboratory in MHR Sunbreak?

The scientist Bahari opened a new laboratory for hunters. In it, they will be able to exchange objects found in Anomaly Investigations for useful items in Qurios Crafting. This should help hunters create individual armor of their dreams.

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