Stylish action game, Devil Wi Dean: Satgat

Game developer New Core Games (CEO Lee Man-jae) is developing the multi-platform 2.5D stylish action game ‘Devil Within: SATGAT’ in 2023, through the game distribution platform ‘STEAM’ It plans to launch the world, and announced that it will release the first feature and trailer video for the game for the first time.

Devil Wi Dean: Sagat is a radio-scrolling action adventure game that punishes evil leaders to correct the demonic world, and depicts a fierce struggle to correct the demonic world. As it is targeted at Korea as well as global action enthusiasts, it will be released on a variety of platforms such as PCs, Nintendo Switches, PlayStation, and Xbox console versions.

The game tells the story of a demon in the swamp of greed, in the backdrop of a virtual Joseon, which has made a rapid development under the influence of the ‘Heukseok Pagoda’, which was suddenly created. New Core Games plans to disclose the contents and game-related questions that users will be curious about, such as the reason why the main character ‘Kim Rip’ is writing a hat and the background of Kim Satgat tales.


In the main features, first of all, first of all, it supports the highest level of action among the ‘side scrollers’-based games that are converted to side view cameras, and in the case of a sword action that takes place during general combo and air combo casting It is designed to deliver an exciting blow to the user.

Game graphics are used to use Unreal Engine 4 to produce cinematic productions from AAA-class projects, and start the Korean background atmosphere that captures the virtual Joseon Dynasty, exploring the devastated worlds, It plans to provide a different visual that the beauty of the East and the West, such as the mysterious and world-class fantasy worldview that crosses the underworld, is mixed.

In addition, if you enter the middle of the game, the main character, Kim Rip, can change into a demon, and can be transformed into a demon. It will be transformed into a demon shape and can cast four new actions of four attributes, and in the second half of exploration, an action charisma is expected to be experienced.

The latest trailer was also released today to present the possibility of Devil Wi Dean: The possibility of the Satat project. The trailer video, which was produced in a total of 2 minutes, begins with the background of Kim Rip, who has gained the power of demons and exerts superhuman physical abilities.

Subsequently, the basic hits, long-distance blowing with rocket launchers, and skills, to make the video with the devil and machine monsters at once. At the end of the video, you can get a glimpse of the appearance of a stylish game, with a victory over the hero with a person who is associated with a rival.

Meanwhile, New Core Games will be officially participated in the Tokyo Game Show, which will be held in Makuhari Messe, Tokyo, Japan from September 15th, and will be officially participated through the Korea Communication Center, and Devil Wi Dean for users and buyers visiting the site. We plan to propose the possibilities.

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