How to repair the error The external service has some problems of Origin

More often or not, problems tend to arise with online servers that can be the result of damaged files or administrator problems. Unfortunately, Origin is no stranger to these situations, with many reports of players who have indicated an error of external service is having some problems. So, to help you access the application, we will discuss How to solve this error error .

How to repair the error The external service has some problems of Origin

Origin’s use has recently experienced many problems that prevent the player from accessing a game. Here is a list of ways in which the error external service has some problems can correct:

  • Verify the Origin server status in Downdector (there are currently several interruption reports).
  • Restart the original application or your computer.
  • Make sure your Internet connection is strong enough to play.
  • For a temporary solution, you can play your games in a connection mode, since this version seems to be the central problem of error.
  • Execute a game using administrative privileges.
  • Repeal origin.
  • Delete the cache to solve the problem.

If you want to run the game with administrative privileges, you can search ‘origin’ on your computer and right click on the application. Then, you can press ‘Execute as administrator’ and allow the application to make changes to your device.

You can also delete the cache to solve this problem by consulting the EA help website, which includes instructions for Windows and Mac users.

Those who have done all these methods will have to wait until EA/Origin solves this problem. Luckily, the company is aware of the error and is trying to solve the problem as soon as possible.

That is enough for our guide on How to solve the error external service has some problems of Origin . You can also solve other problems by consulting our articles on FIFA 22, Valorant, Fall Guys server states and how to solve the maintenance server error of Tower of Fantasy. If you need more help with other occurrences, you can check the relevant links below.


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