The last season of The Walking will start with the premiere of two chapters

Over many years the Walking Dead series has managed to expand and hook the spectators chapter after chapter, but it has already been confirmed that the next season will be the last for these survivors. And that’s why the AMC television chain announced that fans can see two corrido chapters during the debut day.


These first two of the remaining eight will be available exclusively for AMC+ Subscribers on Sunday October 2 , the same night that season 11 transmits its last half-season premiere to the 9 P.M. OF THE PACIFIC TIME AND 11 P.M. OF CITY OF MEXICO IN AMC.

Like Fear The Walking Dead and Tales of the Walking Dead , it will be launched with two episodes for two nights in AMC+, the posterior episodes of the Zombi flags flags will be transmitted on Sundays a week before TV**.

This is the synopsis of the chapters:

Immediately after the oppressive presence of lobsters, an even greater force is poured on each member of each community. With the flags of the Commonwealth raised in Hilltop, Alexandria and Oceanside, there is no time to create a strategy for those along the way. It is a race against the clock to stay alive and get those who still live in the Commonwealth before Hornsby can execute the revenge of him. Within Commonwealth, Connie’s article has created more chaos than planned. When exposing the corruption of Governor Milton, his hope of creating a better and more equitable life for all can put everyone at risk. With the great debt that our group has and with no other viable place to live, leaving has never been an option, but if your next movement fails, it will not be an option either.

It is worth noting that AMC+ is not available in Mexico and Latam , but there should be no problem. Since the chapters can be enjoyed by the service of Star Plus .

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