KB Kookmin, T -map four major shareholders.

T-Map Mobility, a subsidiary of SK Square, welcomes KB Kookmin Bank as a new shareholder. Through this, the company plans to start expanding mobility and financial business synergy.

T-Map Mobility announced on the 22nd that it has worked with SK Square to attract 200 billion won in new investment from KB Kookmin Bank. KB Kookmin Bank has become the fourth largest shareholder with a 8.3%stake in T-Map Mobility.

It is the first large-scale investor of large financial firms for domestic mobility platform companies. As a result of the six-month discussion after the strategic work partnership related to ESG in December last year, the company cited the success of SK Square’s Bolton investment.

■ T-map ransom 2 times ‘lid’

T-map mobility is recognized by KB Kookmin Bank a total of 2.2 trillion won. In 2020, it rose more than doubled compared to 1 trillion won.

KB Kookmin Bank decided to invest in T-map mobility because it is expected to have significant synergy between financial services such as insurance loans and mobility services. We considered various areas such as specialized financial products aimed at platform workers, smart parking services for offline branches, and used car business.

Comprehensive considering platform competitiveness with 14 million monthly users (MAU), autonomous driving, and urban air traffic (UAM), including growth potential for future mobility.

T-Map Mobility plans to put its resources to strengthen mobility business capabilities and expand related ecosystems. The company plans to recruit more aggressive developers who have been recognized for their potential in the platform, which will enhance existing T-map services and speed up business cooperation with KB Financial Group such as mobility insurance, used cars and payments.

KB Kookmin Bank, non-life insurance, capital, and cards, including non-life insurance, capital, and cards, will participate in collaboration.

The representative service that the two companies are envisioning is a small loan specialized for T-map platform workers. In all platform workers, such as surrogate driving, cargo, and valet, they lack financial transaction history and are limited to loans. In order to eliminate their financial blind spots, they plan to release various financial products based on platform activities instead of financial transaction history.


It also promotes cooperation in the insurance area in connection with the T-map service.

New services for general users are also introduced. The point system and payment service using KB Kookmin Bank’s know-how will be linked with the T-map to allow consumers to use mobility services more efficiently, and to cooperate with used cars.

■ SK Square collaboration fruit… Future Mobility Innovation Acceleration

The success of investment attraction includes SK Square’s IB industry network, ICT platform investment experience, and professional manpower. Beyond the synergy between simple mobility and finance, the possibility of cooperation with the ICT family under the SK Square also affected.

In line with SK Square’s investment portfolio plan, T-Map Mobility has laid the groundwork for growth for mobility innovation by attracting 200 billion won in addition to securing 400 billion won from domestic and foreign private equity funds (PEF) in April last year.

Based on this, the company plans to accelerate innovation in the field of future mobility services, as well as advancing mobile-related services such as surrogate driving, kickboards, electric car charging, T-map auto, and car rental.

Lee Jae-geun, president of KB Kookmin Bank, said, We are very meaningful to be with the T-Map Mobility, which leads the mobility market. I hope that the two companies have the core competencies and the exchange based on asset-based exchanges. And said.

Song Jae-seung, SK Square MD, said, This investment is an important starting point to strengthen its competitiveness in the mobility market. SK Square will continue to make flexible profits and improve the value of its subsidiary portfolio.

Lee Jong-ho, CEO of T-Map Mobility, said, T-map mobility and KB Kookmin Bank’s cumulative subscribers are 50 million. We will continue to seek ways to coexist with the officials.

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