The garden of the branching paths

From the style you will notice that there are Quantic Dream experts among the authors-and that’s a good thing!

There are plenty of branching narrative games, but few go as deep as as Dusk Falls.

Bonnie & Clyde or Thelma & Louise?

story of two families

The unpublished king Quantic Dream of Europpian story games has not released new titles for years, but instead, the Interior Night, founded by workers escaped from the studio, continues on the same glorious lines. AS Dusk Falls is an ambitious story game for human actors. The events start in the Arizona desert, where the roads of two families intersect.


The Walker family is on the way as they force them to stay in a local motel for the night. However, the timing is unhappy, as the Reds’ Red Family has ended up in a quiet motel, whose residents remain hostage. The events are photographed from a television series cut from a few protagonists: Vince, the Holt family pit Jay Holti, and later Zoe Walker, who later grown into Zoe Walker.

The story is divided into six chapters, the former of which is a functional hostage, while the latter three will describe the aftermath of events in the near future and in years. How can a traumatized Zoe handle things in mind? Will any family or motel staff survive on the crossfire of the unable to the local police?

The story tree forks numerous times.

The city’s most palm-like shots

A single breakthrough lasts only six hours. In fact, there is plenty of content, as the story is exceptionally abundant. There is plenty of transparency, especially if you manage half of the characters to the afterlife. Some of the branching points are explicitly reported to the player, but successes in reaction tests or other choices can also push fate in a new direction.

Quality is enhanced by great actors who have been enlivened in a cartoon-like style. The graphics are not fully animated, but the characters move in a bit, as if a cartoon screen at a time. The sound show is also of a high standard, and as a bonus, Finland can also be found in subtitling options. The combination of skilled actors and the plot that holds in the grip tastes tasty!

Some of the characters are decent reels. The village’s corrupt sheriff is not a bit of a comparison of the fate of the hostage prisoners, but focuses on chasing the revelation documents in the motel. Holt’s family’s little ankles, on the other hand, are exemplary jerk, all of which are not hoped to survive. However, their motives are opened as the story, which explains the desperate situation.

The controls are clearly designed for consoles above. Reaction tests are very easy rattling tests with easy functions and reaction times are long. Trapping can be fatal, so probably the solution will please the casual players. In some places, you need to look for hotspots on the screen, which is much easier for the mouse than the game controller.

Natively integrated interesting Twitch compatibility, where listeners can be involved in making choices. An interesting innovation, though I did not find any streaming of mechanism to find a mechanism.

Choose carefully. Someone can die from the wrong choice.

Interesting choices

As Dusk Falls is a lovely gloomy drama. Almost all characters can die or survive depending on the player’s solutions. After examining the passing, I had surprised me that my choices had succeeded in coping with an almost ideal situation where the Walker family remained not only alive but also together. Really annoyingly, plot songs are left in the air, which may indicate additional or sequels. It may also be an artistic solution in principle, but the last scene in particular is a really annoying Cliffhanger.

I believe the graphic cartoon solution will annoy many, but for myself it is positively settled by the ghost line on the border of art and artificial art. In many games, ridicule is the easiest severity, story mode, which this time is constantly on without the ability to increase difficulty. Technically, gaming is very easy, but the difficulty comes from famous interesting choices. Dozens of times this is a matter of life and death.

The consequences of the choices can affect the plot and are clearly highlighted in the story view presented at the end of the chapter. Yes, this is to identify the spirit of Quantic Dream!

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