How to unlock the proprietary ability for each weapon in Saints Row

Saints Row 2022 allows players to freely configure their characters, weapons and vehicles. Setting options include user mods, updates, branded features, skins and much more. Here is a guide on how to unlock the characteristic ability for various weapons in Saints Row.

How to unlock the proprietary ability of a weapon in Saints Row 2022

Each weapon in Saints Row has an unlocked proprietary ability. To learn more about this feature of your favorite weapon, you need to visit a store of friendly firearms . These stores are marked by the pistol badge on your map and are in different places.

Inside the store, interact with the store owner to open a list of available weapons. Scrolling weapons will extend its statistics, next to which there will be a section of signature abilities. It mentions that this special ability does, and the task of unlocking, which must be performed using this weapon.

For example, the KA-1 Kobra pistol has a proprietary ability to aim highly, which automatically reloads the store if you fell into the head of the last several bullets. In addition, remember that after you have unlocked the proprietary ability of a weapon, you first need to activate it in a weapon store to use it.

Crown Ability is unlocked for the entire standard weapon in Saints Row.

close battle

ax: * kill 15 enemies from behind with ordinary attacks.
Machete: Kill 30 panthero with ordinary attacks.
Electric shock baton: stun 30 Marshalls.
scrap: * Stose 250 idols.
Kirka: kill five specialists with ordinary attacks.
SWECK: Kill five specialists with powerful attacks.
* smelterville slugger: kill 25 specialists with powerful attacks.


Ka-1 cobra: * Kill 20 enemies sitting on the roof of the car.
Elektrostun P1 200: kill 30 enemies.
Hand gun. 44: Shoot 24 tires from enemy tanks Panteros.
* MDI-39M SIXGUNS: Kill 30 Marshalls.

* idol Light: Perform 20 murders with shots in the head.

submachine gun

1921 Johnson: * Destroy 20 enemy vehicles.
D4 flower: release 10,000 bullets.
A submachine gun: Perform 20 double murders of idols.
* TEK Z-10: Perform 20 double murders of Marshall.


K-8 Kryukov: * Kill 10 enemies from your last store.
. 585 Safari Express: commit 10 killings from a long distance.
Explosion AR-55: Perform five murders from your last magazine.


AS3 final: * commit 10 triple murders
MDI-50 like this: Kill one Gatling machine gunner.
Police shotgun: commit 10 double murders
Diligyans: * Kill the five Marshall shooters.
Sprinkled: * Kill 30 idols.

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