The worlds first Destiny 2 Kings Fall Raid Round: Who will win?

As the royal autumn raid race approaches, Destiny players improve their equipment, join the voice call of their team, launch the dispatch of Destiny objects and prepare for the gaming session marathon. Each raid race challenges the determination of combat groups everywhere, subjecting their communicative skills to a serious test. Here are important details about the first raid race King’s Fall World.

Reid Race King’s Fall in Destiny 2

Who is now winning a raid race?

Since the raid race has not yet begun, we cannot yet answer this question. During the event, this answer will become clear.

when will the raid race begin?

The King’s Fall Raid Race race begins at 10:00 in the Pacific time/13: 00 east of eastern/18: 00 in world coordinated time/19: 00 in the Central European time, and it requires a full combat group of six players. At this time, the raid will go around the world, and the players will rush into battle to start the race.


What is the competition mode in the Destiny 2 raid race?

The competition mode limits all participants up to 1560 during the first 24 hours of raid race. This guarantees that all players are in equal terms, and the skill of the team is the only variable that determines the victory. Even if the players are above this level of lighting, they will be blocked at 1560 during the race. Strength 1560 is 20 units of force below the recommended level for each collision and provides a real challenge.

How to find out that you have completed every collision in Destiny 2?

At the end of each meeting, Bungie recommends players to make sure that they receive awards for each meeting. If battle groups do not receive awards, their first completion in the world will not be legal. The winner of the raid race is determined by the team that will be the first to kill the final boss, pick up the chest and return to orbit. This combat group will win the raid belt King’s Fall World’s First.

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