The brand-new game of Payday

In Payday, her financial institution burglar, that have to effectively finish a strike, plays with all the hurdles that would additionally face the real world: alarm system systems, protected risk-free and cops. The series is taken into consideration an outright hardcore game because every blunder is penalized hard.

On Heavy steam, Payday 2 is still among the most popular games with over 38,000 gamers on standard (via Steamcharts). Time ago the makers started a brand-new workshop: 10 chambers with which they established the hardcore shooter GTFO.

The messy hardcore shooter Payday is still extremely popular today. At Dergamescom 2022, Meinmmo editor Benedict Grothaus was able to alter a few words with the creator and also spoke with him about his brand-new game .

At Gamescom I spoke with the chief executive officer of 10 Chambers, Ulf Andersson. Back then it started the studio that Payday: The Heist as well as Payday 2 developed and likewise functioned as a developer on the game. Currently he is preparing a new title.


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The new game will certainly not be payday precede

This is the new game: In charge doesn’t inform me excessive about the new game. Several information are hidden between the lines as well as we have chatted a lot more concerning the game than that questions were really responded to. At the very least I was able to generate some info regarding him for the setup and also the gameplay:

  • The brand-new game will be a warm game like Payday or GTFO
  • You play in a cyberpunk-like technothriller setup, possibly comparable to Cyberpunk 2077 or Shadowrun
  • There will certainly be no aliens, the basis is instead realistic
  • GTFO was a fantastic inspiration for some of the functions
  • It won’t be Payday precede

According to Andersson, the large emphasis of the game is on the multiplayer facet. You desire to develop an excellent co-op game in which you accomplish something together. At the very same time, the addiction on 4 players wishes to break up as a team:

Andersson noted that the entrance obstacle could even be lowered if required. The new game finally relies upon lots of gamers as well as a co-op experience and also way too much hardcore would tighten down the gamer.

The brand-new title desires to be a bit tamer right here. Andersson discusses to me in discussion that you can not resolve lots of players at the exact same time and also that you can remain absolutely hardcore. It stays a hot game with other attributes that would go with it. He really did not reveal which these are.

Just how tough it obtains? That understands Payday and also GTFO understands just how penalizing the video games can be. A blunder, and the authorities or aliens overwhelm you and also the objective fails. There are just a few to n1. Ammo is limited, life points can barely be replenished as well as you can not stand a great deal either. A real hardcore experience.

From the conversation I was able to hear about that something like dynamic difficulty could possibly be planned. If groups of in between 1 and 4 players were possible-but without guarantee that this is additionally real, at least it seemed as.

Andersson roughly compared the brand-new game with Fate and also his vault and raids, however without more category. PvP is not a problem initially. You wish to make the very best possible co-op game as well as concentrate on it.

In our other video games […] we always had a 4-player co-op. This is a lot more fluid, not simply for 4 players. We search for more interesting arrangements for how the game can be played […] Perhaps I intend to have fun with 3 other individuals on Friday, and afterwards on Monday alone or with strangers or something.

_ GTFO is a great inspiration for the new game of 10 chamber. Here is the trailer for the hardcore shooter: _

We guarantee that we don’t promise anything

When and also where does the game show up? On release as well as platforms, neither Ulf Andersson neither Communications Supervisor Robin Björkell can tell me anything. You do not desire to fuel expectations that you might not be able to hold.

In the gaming consoles, however, Anderson clarified to me that the porting as well as most of all updates included some problems. However you additionally want to accomplish as numerous gamers as feasible. The solution to the inquiry of a launch for Xbox and also PlayStation can be discovered here between the lines.

As quickly as you can, you will be exposed more regarding the new game. However GTFO remains as lengthy as it is and also you want to continue to support the game as the hardcore shooter it is. By the method, GTFO is just one of our suggestions for grown-up home entertainment:

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This is the new game: The employer doesn’t tell me too much concerning the brand-new game. Andersson about contrasted the new game with Destiny as well as his vault as well as raids, however without more category. That understands Payday and also GTFO recognizes how punishing the games can be. When as well as where does the game appear? As quickly as you can, you will certainly be disclosed a lot more regarding the brand-new game.

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