How to play immortality – management, clips and how to win

Immortality is an interactive film about the fictional actress Marissa Marseille. You are instructed to collect shots of her three unbearable films to find out her fate. As a player, you will control video clips to find key points of interest and unlock more of the shot material. Players will watch shots from rehearsals, filming films, interviews and much more to find out about Marseille and what she experienced while working on three films: Ambrosio, Minsk and two in total.


When viewing clips in immortality, you will have to launch, suspend, reverses and move into a photo mode to find interesting places, for example, standing out objects and faces. Here are the main management elements when viewing clips in immortality.

Reproduce the clip: Click to the right stick to the right (xbox), Click the left mouse button and draw to the right (PC)
Pause: Press A (Xbox) Click with the left mouse button (PC)
Photo mode: click y (xbox), click the eye icon (PC)
Control clip playback: Hold the right stick left or right (xbox), Click the left mouse button and drag left or right (PC)

As soon as you enter the photo mode, you can use your cursor to search for objects and persons who, when hovering the cursor, turn your cursor into the eye. Press A (Xbox), Click with the left mouse button (PC) to unlock the new clip of the object.

Your main goal is to find every video to reveal the secret of what happened to Marissa Marseille. The search for each clip can take a lot of time, but the organization and viewing of the clips in a certain order will help you not miss anything.

Immortality of the clips

On the main screen, all the videos that you unlocked and which are available for viewing are displayed. You can scroll the clips and press the one you want to view. Clips can be streamlined by the date of recording, posting a film or even filtered to enable only a specific film. The easiest way to find clips and learn about Marisse is to watch clips in a chronological order, trying to find each object in the video.

There is an effective technique that allows you to track which clip you study, and how to quickly return to it after finding new ones. Go to the clip you want to study, and note how your favorite . Having found clips, you can filter the chosen ones to find the clip you studied.

A total of 202 clips, of which 76 Ambrosio clips, 69 Minsky clips and 57 clips Two of EVERYTHING. Find them all to unlock the achievement of the cinema and reveal the secrets of the footage.

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