The Last of Us: Part I leads physical sales in the United Kingdom last week

As Cristopher Dring, head of, The Last of Us: Part I has been placed as the best-selling title of the United Kingdom during last week after its departure on September 2.

This fact, which refers only to physical sales, is accompanied by a small controversy after Dring’s clarification that it is a remastering and not a particularly large premiere and that has sold around half of what Saint Row achieved In the past week. Of course, here you also have to keep in mind that the first the last of the US is exclusive to PlayStation 5 until it reaches PC later, while the Deep Volition title reached both generations of Sony and Microsoft in addition to to computers.

Another fact that can be relevant here, by the way, is the one that Sony himself gave us in his latest financial results, when they pointed out that the proportion of digital sales continued to rise and placed in 79% of the total.


In his analysis of the game, my partner Víctor Martínez survived the necessary of this remake, which is a stunning version in the visual of the original game and results in a luxury for those who already proved that of 2013, but which is still an unmissable title For those who let it pass:

«There is no doubt that The Last of Us Part I is not one of the essential PlayStation 5; Among the people who already played it on PS3, PS4 or PS5 itself and do not want to return to it and the one that directly had no interest even in its day, the business seems less clear than one might think. But the people left, fans of the original or the one that arrives in the series, will encounter such a robust and intense game as ever, one that continues to give reasons to discuss almost a decade after its launch, updated but not so much as for That it is not possible to see the 2013 below. He concludes that no, it was not necessary: it is a luxury ».

Here you can read the complete analysis of the game, while in this link you will find Marta Trivi’s article in which she reflects on how the perception of the title has changed over the years and how her readings are evolving.

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