17 species without new games, unveiling the probability in August

On the 14th, the Korea Game Policy Autonomous Organization (GSK) announced on the 14th of the game, according to the Autonomous Regulation Code (hereinafter referred to as the Code) to create a healthy game culture conducted by the Korea Game Industry Association.

The announcement is based on the revised Code, which was implemented in December last year. The revised Code to disclose the probability of successful molding contents such as reinforcement content and equipment synthesis, such as strengthening equipment, equipment strengthening, and pet synthesis, in addition to capsule-type contents such as character drawing and equipment drawing.


GSK is monitoring whether the probability of probability item is disclosed for the top 100 online and mobile top 100 games from the 1st to the end of each month. In addition, when the monitoring finds not compliance, it is recommended for the game and operators for the first time, and if the complaints are not modified for two consecutive months, they take warning measures. Cancellation measures are taking measures.

As a result, the GSK Self-Regulatory Evaluation Committee unveiled 17 kinds of games (2 online and 15 mobile) as of August this year. Compared to last July, there are no new games, and four out of 21 types (Arms, Mir’s Legend 2: Memory of Mir, Is 6 Online, Ace Defender: Dragon Slayer War). GSK explained that all four games were excluded from the ranking of monitoring.

Hwang Sung, chairman of the Self-Regulatory Evaluation Committee, said, We have maintained compliance rate through rapid monitoring and cooperation requests. It is encouraged, and we will try to enjoy the game in a healthy game environment with sufficient information, such as accumulating cases and information of games that show a new way of profit structure.

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