One Piece Chapter 1060 now available; How to read free in Spanish

Odd is on a streak. much he put the leg with Yamato, the Managua is starting the final saga of One Piece with a capitulate after another. 1060 is not for less and not only h one of Luffy’s best panels in a long time , with a moment that we will remember again and again from here at the end of the series, but shoots the plot of the plot Sago and the world government with a cataclysm that will mean a before and after in the rest of the world. Without further delay, we let you enjoy him. Let’s review where to read Free Piece for free in Spanish.

One Piece 1060, where to read the chapter?

One Piece Chapter 1060 can be read free and in Spanish through Manga Plus . It is called Luffy’s dream and he out today, Monday, September 19.

  • Read Free Chapter 1060 of One Piece in Manga Plus through this link.

  • Download the Manga Plus app on Android from here.
  • Or install manga plus on your iPhone or iPad by clicking here.


One Piece h new reward posters

One Piece’s lt chapter served to introduce two new rewards: that of Boa Hancock and Barbara . With them the flood of posters had been completed after Want’s arch and the list of most feared pirates in the New World is like this:

  • Shanks-4,048,900,000 berries
  • Marshall D. Teach-3.996,000,000 berries
  • Mihawk-3,590,000,000 berries
  • Buggy-3.189,000,000 berries
  • Luffy-3,000,000 berries
  • Trafalgar Law-3,000,000,000 berries
  • Ecsty Kidd-3,000,000,000 berries
  • Crocodile-1,965,000,000
  • BOA HANCOCK-1,659,000,000
  • Zoro-100.001.100 berries
  • Jinbe-1.100,000,000 berries
  • Sanji-1.032,000,000 berries
  • Robin-930,000,000 berries
  • USSOP-500,000,000 berries
  • Franky-394,000,000 berries
  • Brook-383,000,000 berries
  • Nami-366,000,000 berries
  • Chopper-1, 000 berries

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