Why is Overwatch 2 recording voice? OW2 voice chat explained

Overwatch 2 is configured to make a massive change in the voice chat system. In this game, Blizzard will record a player’s voice chat records while playing. This is an unprecedented movement for any video game, and Blizzard is ready to apply it with all its might. But why do they keep voice records? Here is everything you need to know about Why Overwatch 2 record your voice chat .

Can you deactivate voice recording in Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 will record the voice chat in the game to help identify disruptive, insensitive and dishonest players and take measures against them . This will be done through an automated service (with minimal human intervention in some special cases) that uses text technology to transcribe the words of a player.

Once the transcription is completed, Blizzard will use it to identify the harmful language and the audio file will be removed. It is also said that the algorithm can act contextually: it includes the difference between a player who screams an excited or uses a derogatory insult against another player.

Currently, does not seem that there is any possibility to deactivate this function . Blizzard seems determined to try to guarantee the safety of the players and take energetic measures against the traps by making this a permanent part of the game. The only way players can avoid the rules and chat in a system that will not maintain these records will be to use external chat services, such as Discord. Naturally, Blizzard will not have access to these chat records and will not have the power to promulgate prohibitions in that way.

That is all you need to know about Why Overwatch 2 record your voice chat . While you prepare for the launch of the game this week, see how the game will work with the new GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card of NVIDIA.

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