Genshin Impact Dance of Gratitudes Web Merges

The dance of gratitude is the Web Mary of the Genshin Impact, dedicated to the upcoming release of NILE, a five-star hydrofloor user from a punch. It works from October 8 , 2022 K October 13 , 2022 and this will take only a few minutes, so do not miss free Prisoners and exclusive wallpapers.

Start by switching to the official page of the web event. Make sure that you are included in your account Holdovers, which is also your Genshin Impact account. Choose the correct server and character, as the awards are distributed by house-game mail.

How to take part in the Web Machine Process Genshin Impact Dance of Gratitude

After launching a web event, you will be invited to look at the ads of the ads on the right, where different people left notes for Pilot. Click on each note to read them, then talk to Pilot. As soon as this is done, you need to help organize gifts for drag each note to the corresponding gift.

The dragging function is slightly buggy, so you may have to try it several times. The game will help you compare the first note with a crystal shrimp. The rest of the coincidences are as follows:

Comparing all notes with appropriate gifts, Ni low will thank you, and you will receive the following awards:

  • X3 Fragment of Laurie Va run
  • X20 000 Morey
  • x2 mysterious improving ore

A window with exclusive wallpaper of the event will also appear. Click on share and select the preferred platform of social networks to share the event and unlock download button to save the wallpaper as a reward.

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