James Cameron reveals his trick so that the digital effects of Avatar 2 maintain their realism

Avatar: The sense of water is getting closer and the expectation of fans is increingly high. And after the first images and amazing trailer, it is clear that James Cameron will throw all the meat in the grill to maintain the visual level of the already distant first installment, with the most current technology. But despite everything, Cameron h revealed a curious trick to avatar 2 Keep the guy visually speaking and is not a cattrophe. This is collected by the Variety medium, where the details of an unexpected postproduction situation are detailed.

Avatar 2 and Frame late problems

This h been admitted by James Cameron himself, ensuring that the current HFR technology could become a serious setback, since, although sometimes it allows his film to be more immersive through 3D, He also plays against him in many other scenes: We use HFR technology to improve 3D when we want a greater sensation of presence , such underwater or in some flight scenes, explains Cameron.

In the ce of the plans in which people are standing and speak, it harms us because they create a kind of hyperrealism in the scenes that are more mundane, more normal. And sometimes we need that cinematographic sensation of the 24 fps. Can movie theaters support a variable frame rate, changing inside the movie between 24 FPS and 48 fps? The answer is not, simply project it to 48 fps , continues the famous director.

In essence, Cameron h encountered a serious problem that couldruin the visual pect of Avatar 2, precisely one of the key pects of the film. However, the filmmaker explains the hack of him when rolling: Any part of the scene we want at 24 fps, we simply duplicate the photograms **. And so, they really show the same picture twice, but, but the viewer does not see it that way. And so, we are only using a simple hack to use the HFR platform that already exists, concludes the director.

Avatar: The sense of water premieres in cinem on the next December 16, 2022 .

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