Overcooked! Everything you can eat landing on brand-new level

Overcooked! All You Can Eat is ultimately making its method on Nintendo Switch over, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam following month on March 23. The collection, formerly published for the X/ S Xbox Series and the PlayStation 5, includes all the web content of Overcooked! And as well-prepared! 2 remastered for 60 frames per second and also up to a 4K resolution.

Below are several of the main features of the video game:

  • Each bite: Consists of each item oftop cooked!As well astop prepared! 2material, remastered and available in 60 structures per second in a resolution of as much as 4K
  • Numerous multiplayer training courses: original degreestop cooked!Are usable with the on the internet multiplayer support for the really very first time, with eachtop cooked! Everything you can eatcooks with additionally a cross-play performance in a post-launch update
  • New kitchens and also unique cooks: new degrees, brand-new cooks and added skins for every cook, all special to overcooked! Whatever you can consume
  • Trophies/ Success: any type of new trophy as well as collections of success to be opened by the players
  • Kitchen area for all: accessibility alternatives and a new mode useful open the video game to even more gamers than ever


For a limited time, too cooked! All the gamers you can consume can download and install the Swedish cook free of charge as a playable personality. The personality had already been introduced in the video game Awards in 2015 in December.

The video game will certainly additionally include brand-new accessibility alternatives and also a mode useful. The aid setting includes the following options:

The video game will cost USD 40 and also will receive physical versions for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 variation of the game, however not for the Xbox One or Steam versions.

  • to raise level time
  • Increase the scores assigned to each dish
  • Lie recipe times
  • The opportunity of shutting off the expiry of commands
  • Cook signs for Daltonisms
  • an evolving interface
  • The possibility of turning on a text suitable for dyslexia

You can consult the Overcooked trailer! Everything you can consume below:

Also look

  • Each bite: Consists of each item oftop prepared!As well astop cooked! * A number of multiplayer programs: initial levelstop cooked!Are usable with the on-line multiplayer support for the extremely initial time, with eachtop prepared! Everything you can eatchefs with also a cross-play functionality in a post-launch update

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