[Interview] Modern Warfare 2 campaign, unique experience according to choice

It is no exaggeration to say that it is a game with the largest FPS fandom in the world. The launch of the new film ‘Modern Warfare 2 2022’ has come ten days ahead. In particular, the multiplayer beta test, which was held in September, has also been proved to be a title with high interest as many users participate.

Nevertheless, the highest of the fans’ expectations is the campaign. Impressive missions such as ‘hometown’ and ‘cleansing’ remain in the player’s memory, and there are not a lot of fans who are looking forward to showing these impressive missions in new works. Infinity Ward, Jeffrey Narrative Director and Brian Bloom’s chief lighter explain that ‘the player’s choice’ can be important while paying attention to the introduction and lighting of characters as well as technical innovation in the campaign of ‘Modern Warfare 2’. Did.

■ Mexico and Task Force 141, and technical improvement
Q. What is the most important factor in developing the campaign content of ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’?

Brian Bloom
= I have to pay attention to a wide range of parts of making games, so I think that one thing is so important to be careful. Creating a game combines a variety of things from various modes to characters and elements. Among them, we have to pay attention to narratives, stories and plots.

First, we first cared about the current series from the last minute of the previous work. In the last scene of the previous work, Captain Price finishes with the story of General Shepherd’s specific files requested by General Shepherd. And this is a scene where a new team called ‘Task Force 141’. In the new work, it tells the story three years later from that point, so I seemed to intensively illuminate how this new team gathered, who is gathered together and where and what to do.

And while rebooting, I was concerned about introducing two important characters. Simon Ghost Lieutenant Riley and Sergeant Parish. We wanted to introduce this character as an important position. This is the first start of this film to collect and introduce several characters as members of Task Force 141. In addition, I also paid attention to various factors, such as thinking about casting that can digest a variety of characters.

Jeffrey Begins
= In addition, there were many things that I should have thought about the elements that would develop from the previous modern warfare. Since Modern Warfare was loved a lot, I wanted to use the elements that were loved by the original works in rebooting and creating a poem in 2019. As mentioned earlier, I also worked hard to recruit various actors who had to play various characters. I was happy to be able to show this, but I was able to organize each character as a great person to digest it from the motion capture stage.


And today I wanted to use the game to match the player’s taste and eye level. It did not end to revive the old story again, but also paid a lot of attention to providing new elements and providing differentiated experiences. In this regard, I also paid much attention to the introduction of new characters with the old characters.

Q. I wonder why I chose the Mexican drug cartel. It is a material that is frequently covered in dramas and games, and was there a work that was especially inspired or referred to? Also, what is the unique feature of modern warfare?

Brian Bloom
= As I said in this part, I was inspired by the movie. The direction that is pursuing when creating a work is that they try to form an in-game case as much as possible to the event that will happen in reality. In this regard, it seems interesting to see that the drug cartel material is an interesting material, but it is a group that is happening as an emerging group around the world.

Inspired by the production, there are many movies, but there are some works such as Sukarno and Salvador. In that area, the theme that I wanted to convey in this work was the theme of ‘people with me’. If you are with me, you may have allies, but you can see it as a broad material with enemies.

In this regard, especially in the threats and enemies we can deal with in the game, the group called drug cartel is often covered in real news, entertainment, and media. In this work, I thought about the material of ‘unbelievable alliance’. There is a form of gathering forces and developing power together like our equator, just as we gather together with our allies to achieve certain goals.

In that context, the material called Cartel seems to have been a new opportunity for Call of Duty. Throughout Call of Duty works, we have traveled around the world, from Europe to Mexico, the United States, and the Middle East. In this regard, Ra’s Alma’s in Mexico was the area I wanted to light up this time. Here, I was able to focus on Colonel Alejandro Barges.

Colonel Are Sandro Barges is a new alliance of Task Force 141, a powerful character who builds his own unit called Cowboy, a member of the Mexican Special Forces. The Task Force 141 itself is a great and outstanding unit, but it seems that I asked, ‘Who can you lean when they need help?’

For example, in 2019, Sarah Ahmed Karim came out as a helpful role. If you think about who should be helped when Task Force 141 is active in areas where certain threats or conflicts arise, Colonel Alejandrobargas will be the first character to help.

In this way, regions and materials not only provide ideas for plots, but also provide ideas for characters. Ghost is similar. Ghost, as you know, is the same character as a lonely wolf, and he is thinking of dealing with everything by himself. Then he thought when he needed help, he could contact and trust whose trust. I think that’s what you want to explore for your character. In this work, Colonel Alejandro Barges was introduced in this context.

These seemed to have been an opportunity to seek new comrades and new allies as well as new Bill an or threats. So it seems that exploring these new areas was very pleasant for our team. This is because not only enemies but also allies provide a lot of new ideas.

Q. I would like to explain what we did to add to the immersion of the battlefield and battle. If you have a technical achievement in the campaign to realize a more realistic battlefield, please introduce it.

Jeffrey Begins
= This Modern Warfare 2 has been able to realize various technical innovations and expect the day to show them to players around the world. First, I can talk about the technology called Photography. In this enemy, it was applied to the more advanced form, and it was used as a technology that can be reproduced in a realistic reproduction of the real space and the real environment to 1: 1 in the game. Through this, various areas in the game were reproduced and implemented based on the actual location.

There is also a new sound system. In Modern Warfare 2, the sound from the back of the wall is realized to convey the sound of a new space. The technology related to water is indispensable. In addition to engaging at the water, there were also underwater engagements, and underwater concealment could be implemented technically. I am happy that this is given a new way of providing players with a new experience, but also given a new way to solve the story.

Modern Warfare 2 is one of the biggest titles we have made so far. Therefore, it is expected to show this extensive new experience. Another new technology is facial and motion capture pipeline. Through this, we were able to capture the very detailed levels of actors acting, and even the captured meticulous movements.

I had a chance to review cinematic reviews before, and I was surprised at that when I was impressed by the ‘real person’. I think this was a technical development that was almost unpleasant to go beyond the uncanny valley. Furthermore, I am happy to be able to apply several technical progress to the game.

■ Changes according to the options are made

Q. Starting from Modern Warfare 2019, it is known to be building the Call of Duty Universe, which leads to a worldview across the call of duty franchise. For example, the Modern Warfare Bill an Iran Jake appeared in the Black Ops Cold War campaign. Will Call of Duty Universe continue in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign?

Brian Bloom
= First, you can answer. In fact, there has been some expansion of the company’s role recently, and I recently expanded my work to do this. In addition to the modern warfare, the entire franchise of Call of Duty is also sought to work on a variety of titles in one universe and worldview. I think Jamie is a good example. In this regard, you can expect a lot of interesting things.

A little more inside the modern warfare

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