Modern Warfare 2: How does the progression system work? Understand

Cod franchise games usually have a progression system. Whether for player levels or even weapons, Activision finally ought Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 information and important points.

For this work, no substantial change in relation to the military’s military patent, but there will be changes in weapons and weapons platforms, as well as special operations kits to unlock .

Modern Warfare reveals your progression system

According to what we read in the Official Blog ** of Modern Warfare 2, the title release will not be limited to the traditional military rows of the game. Prior to the release of their 1st season players have access to various progression systems: military rows, weapons platforms, special operations kits, basic operator unlock challenges, daily challenges or even additional challenges.

MILITARY RANKS: * Of levels 1-55, unlock all weapon platforms, multiplayer customization accessories and special operations kits.
Weapon platforms: Each weapon platform will present camouflage and mastery challenges. Most will include progression trees to unlock platform-specific and universal attachments, and some will also allow you to unlock receptors, which serve as additional functional weapons on the platform.
Special Operations Kits: Each Special Operations Kit can be updated attest a maximum of 10-repetitioning missions or completing challenges to earn stars.
Challenges of main operators: * Earn 18 operators completing campaign challenges, multiplayer and special operations.
Daily challenges: * In multiplayer and Special Ops modes, complete three challenges per day to win XP and unlock a Challenge Bonus, which offers three times more XP than a normal Daily.

* Additional Challenges: Career Internship Challenges, such as winning specific game modes, will also be available for XP and cosmetic rewards.

What is the weapon platform system?

For this Modern Warfare 2, Customization of weapons will change completely, with what we call weapons platforms . Also, according to the official blog of the game, players will have to unlock them gradually, and there will be a total of 33 unique weapon platforms to unlock in military ranks when the title is released.

Each platform can contain up to six weapons, which can be obtained by updating the specific weapon level on a platform. In addition, by unlocking all weapon platforms and achieving all progression limits, players will have 51 primary and secondary weapons at their disposal : 10 robbery rifles, 4 combat rifles, 7 machine guns, 6 Light machine gunners, 4 rifles, 6 tactical rifles, 3 precision rifles, an antibiotic shield, 5 revolvers, 4 launchers and a secondary melee weapon.

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