First steps in Cod Modern Warfare II: Weapons, Equipment, Important Changes, Warzone 2 and much more

The wait is over, 141! The campaign and multiplayer of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II are already available to every1. If the campaign does not interest you, and you will launch yourself directly to the multiplayer mode, you should know several things: what are the best weapons to start? And the equipment? What changes are about beta?

First steps in the Modern Warfare II multiplayer

The first thing you should know of Modern Warfare I I is that it maintains the system BMM with all that it implies, so do not expect a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Knowing this, I recommend what are the best weapons to start with good foot.

Important : You must raise some levels before having access to customize your classes. Until then, you will have to play with the predefined classes.

Standard classes or packages are linked to a type of weapons, equipment and game style. The best thing to upload fast level to customize your team are classes: Assault , Ghost or Support . Once you raise enough levels, you can choose equipment.


The weapons you must choose (without hesitation) to start well on Modern Warfare II are:

Remember that the progress of weapons has changed in Modern Warfare II. Now weapons unlock using the weapons of the same family. Notice that under the name puts Plampaforma: [family name] . This tells you the progress tree you should look. The M4, for example, progresses until 556 Icarus (machine gun) and the M16 (rifle) on the one hand, and the FTA Recon and FSS Hurricane (combat rifles).

Packages or classes can also be modified, being able to choose the advantages that equip yourself. The best to start are the following:

As for the streaks, I recommend leaving them by default until you start unlocking the strongest.

Important changes with respect to beta

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II showed all its mobility and vision improvements in the beta. Now, the game is released next to an update that introduces some improvements requested in the feedback.

The most important change affects the visibility of enemies : now they are shown with inverted or diamond triangle icons on their head. In addition, contrast and lighting have been improved so that they are more easily distinguishable.

The sound was one of the most criticized sections of the beta. Now, the audio range of the steps is lower (they are heard from less far) and the silent steps will be quieter. On the other hand, the volume has been lowered when you use Mortal silence because it did not suppress the steps when running.

The third-person world has received an improvement in the pointed one: there will no longer be so many problems and bugs with special views. Finally, the movement has more worked animations (displacement, diving and more).

Why play Modern Warfare II if you expect War zone 2?

Although the Modern Warfare II multiplayer is not holy of your devotion, you should play it until the launch of War zone 2. Why?, Will you ask. Progress is shared.

The launch of War zone 2 will take place on November 16 , so you have a couple of weeks ahead to prepare your weapons for the main course of Call of Duty.

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