[Todays Steam] Colop Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 2022 (Modern Warfare 2), which was officially released on the 28th, recorded more than 260,000 concurrent users, beating the fifth place in the top 20 of the best concurrent users. However, unlike the number of users, the steam user evaluation is ‘complex’.

Modern Warfare 2 has been ranked No. 1 for two weeks after entering the world’s best sales chart since early October. In addition, after recording more than 200,000 concurrent users on the day of launch, it has risen to 26,174 people. In September 160,000 concurrent users were recorded during the multiplayer steam version for reservation buyers.

Following the evaluation of ‘complex (56% positive)’ at the time of the test, the evaluation was the same as ‘complex (27,480 participants, 56% positive)’, but the critics are especially criticized. In addition to the review, there are many reviews from users that the probability has disappeared along with the unattractive main Bill an and the forced story development. There are many opinions that only the gameplay has become frustrated because of the frequent armored armor, and the level design fails.

In addition to the story problem, there are some opinions that there are many phenomena that bounce so much that gameplay is difficult. As the two causes overlap, the evaluation seems to have worsened.

The multiplayer part is relatively good. It is well received for being satisfactory by improving the hitting feeling, graphics, detailed firearms, and sounds that were satisfied with the test. Some fatal bugs have been pointed out as a problem, but the crew promised quickly. If you are waiting for single play, you might think about purchasing.

In addition, Data 2 was 104,939 in the simultaneous user ranking, ranking first in the counter strikes: global pensive. The Forest has risen to 12th place with the number of concurrent users to 74,805.


In the world’s best sales charts, Cyberpunk 2077, which is 50% off, ranked second. LIM World ranks 8th, even though the discount was terminated, and the Persona 5 The Royal Royal Royal ranked 10th.

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