More Star Wars characters join Fortnite

Today one of the greatest crossovers of pop culture has it Fortnite , a game that has managed to gather several famous franchises ranging from the heroes of Marvel to video game characters. In this party they were not going to miss Star Wars known faces as The Mandalorian , and although it could be enough, it seems that there are already more guests.

The new game update leads us to Luke Skywalker , Leia RNA and Han Sol. This is through the weekSkywalker , in which users must use their best gift skills before everything ends on November 8.

Here is the official trailer:

It is worth mentioning that the heroes do not reach the battle of Fortnite , since they are also armed with the iconic laser sabers of the franchise, specifically the colors of their characters. Which can be found in chests or simply thrown into the soils.

Here we tell you what are the sets that come with each character:

Luke Skywalker Pack

-Luke Skywalker suit, which includes three versions: farmer, Jedi and Caballero Jedi.

-Machinery accessory remote training droid.

-Projectile rifle peak.

-Ala Delta Speed Terrestrial X-34.

Leia Organ Pack

-Leia Organa, which includes three versions: princess, rebel and rebel without a helmet.

-Backpack accessory R2-D2.

-Electrobaston peak.

Han Solo Pack

  • Han Solo suit, which includes three versions: smuggler, presumed and photos scoundrel.
  • Millennial Falcon Backpack Accessory.
  • Vibrolaza peak.

Remember that more information can be found on the official Fortnite .

The game is available in PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC .

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