Harvestella character tips for setting up

With the release of Harvested right around the corner, his character setting up became a tongue in a tongue, and all for respectful reasons. The developers provided Harvested several very interesting and rare options for setting up a character to help players of all nationalities, sexes and races to feel much more involved in a relaxing, saturated farmer simulator.


Customization of the character in Harvested

Unlike most other life simulators, Harvested does not give the player the opportunity to play freely with the configuration of his character, but a simple setting still allows the player to attach to his new character. This is due to the fact that the parameters provided to configure his character help the player, regardless of his ethnicity, race or gender, feel turned on and invite you to try and enjoy the game.


Starting a new game, the player is initially given the opportunity to choose one of the three floors: male, female and non-war. The inclusion of a non-war option in a farmer simulator is a rare decision made by Harvested developers, which will help all players feel desired in the game.


After the player has chosen his floor, he moves to the screen Choose your appearance. On this screen, 8 different preinstalled slides are presented, with which the player can choose his appearance.

This includes combinations of both light and dark skin tones in combination with light and dark hair colors. However, if the player does not like the preinstalled hair color, then this is not a problem, because on the next screen you can also configure hair color.

Hair color

The next screen allows the player to configure the hair color of his character. The choice of a player is available 12 hair colors, which gives them a wide selection for experiments.

The colors of the hair that the player can choose to include both darker and lighter hair colors, which are also traditional, such as brown or light, or unconventional, such as pink and pale purple.

eye color

After the player has chosen the desired hair color, he goes to the next screen, which allows him to configure the color of the character’s eyes. In total, players are available for 15 eyes of the eyes, including both traditional and non-traditional, which gives the player much more opportunities and diversity.

If you want to look more funny, you can choose purple or red, but if you are leaning to a softer aesthetics, you can choose lavender or yellow.

It should be noted that regardless of which floor the player chooses, the number of parameters available for setting up remains unchanged. Finally, the player can choose a male or female voice for his character, and this is where the character setting in Harvested ends.

A simple character setting helps to catch the simplicity of the game, and also provides the player with a decent choice of settings.

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