Wemade WeMix 3.0 node partner first joined Block Demon

Remade (CEO Gang Hyung) announced on the 4th that it has signed a contract with Block daemon (CEO Constantine Richter) that it has signed a Remix Node Counselor Partner (NCP) as a member of the Remix 3.0 ecosystem governance partner.

Block demon is a global company established in 2017 and is an independent blockchain infrastructure platform that connects institutions and developers to representative networks. In addition to the 500 global companies, banks, trust agencies, and trust companies, the company has recently received ISO 27001: 2017, an international standard for information technology.

In addition, high-performance multichain application interface (API) ‘UBIQUITY API Suite’, which supports blockchain data access between various protocols, provides services such as node infrastructure, speaking, payment, and unchain data. Have.

Block demon is a tech sponsor of the Remix 3.0 Main net and will participate in decision-making and provide technical support related to infrastructure.

Remade, meanwhile, assigned the unique number 11 of the Remix Node Counsel Partner (NCP) to Block demon. The NCP unique number has an allocation node number from 1 to 40, and allocates the unique number with the numbering that the partner wants.

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